A Few of My Favorite Resources


Below is a list of some of the best resources I have come across in my research and I hope some of them will resonate with you as well.

In the interests of speaking to the entire range of your delight, I have included books and websites that cover everything from spirituality and business to sexuality, history and the brain.

So there is a lot to pick and choose from to see what works best for you. Just like shopping for shoes, try on the ones you think you like and if they don’t fit, send them back, no need to try walking in them if they are uncomfortable. Similarly, feel free to try on any of the ideas, books and resources here and only choose the ones that work for you.

This is a small pool of resources from an entire ocean of options out there.Some of these may hopefully spark your interest and lead you on your own epic adventure. Most importantly have fun with them!

Top Books


A Woman’s Worth – Marianne Williamson

A great read for any woman looking to source her power from being female and discover the innate joy of being part of the group called Woman.


The Red Book – Sera Beak

A great fresh look at spirituality for the modern woman, and how to incorporate new aspects of your divine connection.


The Female Brain- Louann Brizendine M.D.

Awesome information regarding how the female brain develops over time and the way in which it impacts us at all stages of our life.


The Alphabet Versus the Goddess- Leonard Shlain

A heavy read that looks at the history of the ‘Goddess” and the dissolution of her worship of the last few hundred years.


The Invitation/ The Dance/ The Call– Oriah Mountain Dreamer

A great book that looks at one woman’s journey through spirituality and purpose.


Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts– Regena Thomashauer

A book version of her landmark course, this read will have you recognize and unleash your full feminine potential.