“Working with Sacha and then experiencing her retreat opened up an access point to my soul. For years, I’d pushed myself and second-guessed my choices. Sacha taught me how to listen and trust myself again.”
- S. B., Toronto, CA

PSST. There is a fire inside of you that is waiting to be stoked…

(it has not burned out and it has not lost)

As women we are bombarded with situations and opportunities that we give ourselves over to fully: careers, children, marriages, divorces, businesses, friends, parents, and anyone we see that needs help.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the game of life. But even if you love what you are doing, there is a passion and excitement you felt years ago that seems like a distant memory, an old self, another life. A flicker of something you know you once had or know you want again that is your inner fire waiting to out.

“When I first met sacha, I was wearing a smiling face on the ouside and withering inside by the day. i didn’t know how to find enthusiasm…that ”juice” for life and novelty. She guided me to find my own answers and evolve into the

most alive

I’ve Ever Been.”


Let’s get you feeling excited about life, eager for the future and feeling fulfilled in your purpose

You’ve been through it all. Heartbreak, loss, sadness and devastation. You’ve also felt the joys of love, connection and intimacy. You have battle scars on your soul from the emotional wars you have survived and you have a heart filled with hope for the magic you know is possible.

You are wiser, stronger and ready for a created life on your terms that is filled with beauty and wonder.


A little about me.

I believe in bringing the sacred to the street. I consider all things Holy and curse like a sailor. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is madly in love with herself and I feel that the wisdom women carry in their hearts is the balm that the world needs right now.

Women preserve ancient wisdom in their souls and it is through gathering together that we keep it, and each other, alive and thriving.

I am also a proud wife and happy mother to two toddlers. I enjoy gardening and I love cooking and hosting. I firmly believe there is no problem that a well cooked meal with good company can’t solve.

When I’m not coaching or leading retreats and workshops you will find me baking and keeping myself (and my hubby) busy with backyard DIY projects.


This is your time to shine.

You can only ever give from a place of abundance not of lack.

You’ve given of yourself time and time again and learning and being able to do something for you is a great way to give back to the ones you love. A woman who is full will naturally want to share that with the people in her life, but trying to carry the world with an empty tank does not serve you or anyone else

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