Owning Your Super Powers

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What is it that you are here to say? What journey will you go on?womanpower

What is the future that you will create or that will create you?
What is your biggest hearts calling?
What is your purpose… your passion?
The key to living a fulfilled life lies in the degree to which you honor your truth and capital ‘S’ Self.

All of us, every one, has some gift, expertise, knowledge, or ability that they are masterful at.

Whether it is the way you diffuse conflict, how you organize your drawers, how you cook, clean or lead groups of people we all have beautiful ways in which we can contribute to one another.

When I say YOUR SUPER POWER, I am talking about those sometimes-everyday things you never notice OR the things you do that you know you rock at.

These may be things that people love about you or get the most reactivated by. These are the things that either produce results or allow you to get what you want. It could be very obvious or extremely subtle.

Either way, you all have at least one, and whether you see it or not you all use it in very different ways.

You have a super power the trick is to figure out what it is.

The first thing that we encounter when thinking of this is FEAR. Fear & restrictions will be the first thing that you will need to deal with and confront. It can show up as doubt, concern, disbelief or even cynicism. But it is all the same thing.

Some of you may have big dreams, ideas or even goals but get stopped by some concern or worry of: failure, disappointment or in some cases maybe even glory.

With these big dreams and ideas, also comes big fears.

The quest to overcome fear is lifelong: and no one ever truly gets to a place where they are fearless.

Don’t try to overcome it or pretend it doesn’t exist. To live is to have fear. You have to be willing to smash through the brick wall, because what is available on the other side is beyond anything you can comprehend.

We have to get very clear about what our desire is, in order for the fear to be manageable, or worth fighting through.

Some of the restrictions that you will have to face come from your own internal conversation of self –worth, ability, lack of confidence or fear of failure.

But there will also be external restrictions and hurdles that can look like your culture, your family and friends and what other people think.

It is important to see each of the personal, social, cultural or even environmental road blocks for what they are…speed bumps. Small hills that may slow you down but can’t actually stop you (unless you let them).

Fear is not to be ignored, it is the thing that lets you know this thing you are doing is important and also reminds you that this is something that you love to do.
If we weren’t afraid the win wouldn’t be worth it and we probably wouldn’t care enough to fight, work or create it. All the restrictions that get in the way, all those hurdles, road blocks and speed bumps make the journey interesting.

It’s all a ride – if the merry go round didn’t go up and down it would be pretty boring to sit on a pony and just go around in circles, not matter how pretty your horse is.

Here is the TRUTH- YOU WILL DIE. Your time will eventually be up, and your rotation around the game board will be over. We can’t control that, all we can do is get busy about how we live and make this limited time count.

You see that thing you’ve been wanting to do? That purpose that you’ve forever been looking for does not exist in any book, course, or conversation. It’s there (maybe asleep) but there deep inside of you.

To find what your heart’s calling, listen to your heart. Turn up the volume up and Tune into all the whispers that are always there in the background.

You have to simply open your eyes and look for it. It could be the way you always want to plan the party, or make dinner or that you’re always asked to make a speech. Be on the look out for the signs of what your heart is telling you, or where the world, or environment, is calling you or pulling you to show up.

The risk to stay where you are is huge, but then again so is the risk to leap. The only thing it will come down to is whether or not you want to jump or not.

The call is yours to make. It’s your move.


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