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I am not a huge fan of resolutions. In fact I think they are a waste of time for me.

This year I decided to continue with last years tradition and create themes rather then resolutions for the New Year.

I like the idea of themes because it is something that can serve as an overall intention and framework with which you can place your entire year inside of.

Last year my theme was Fun, Faith and Freedom. I chose those specific words because one of the areas I wanted to end the year having proficiency in was in being able to stay grounded in my joy and make having fun my number one priority, I chose faith to remind me that the Universe is unfolding perfectly and that I am in exactly where I am supposed to be and Freedom was there to allow me to surrender lean back and really learn how to relax. I am happy to say that when the clock hit midnight on Dec 31st I was thrilled to look back on my year and pick out the various ways in which I made fun, faith and freedom my world.

This year I am taking on a new set of themes.

For 2015 I am standing in Power, Playfulness, Partnership and Pleasure!

Power– I recently realized that I have spent most of my existence waiting for my ‘real life’ to begin. Like the life I was supposed to be living wasn’t the one I have now, and I just had to make it to X to finally be there. That somehow ‘when I grew up’ then it would all be great. I forget that I am an adult NOW. I lose sight of the fact that I am a successful entrepreneur, a wife, well into my 30’s and a full-grown human being. Power for me this year looks like ending the conversation of “I’m not there yet” and finally claiming my rightful place on the throne of life TODAY!!

Playfulness As I watch children play I see how they bring a child-like wonder and enthusiasm to everything they do. Never significant, they are able to make everything a game and enjoy having joy be a regular part of their life. Playfulness for the year is to remind me to look at life as if it were an amazing game that I get to play and to always be sure I am bringing my bliss and happiness wherever I can.

In addition, playfulness is a reminder to do more then just grin. I smile a lot but rarely am I on the floor laughing hysterically while I clutch my belly and catch my breath. This theme is created to also remind me to laugh more and giggle as much as possible.

Partnership being an entrepreneur is awesome, but the fact that I am a solopreneur makes it incredibly lonely. This year I am making sure that anything I create in my business will be done in collaboration and partnership with other woman- no matter what. This way I am making sure I am always in sisterhood no matter where I am or what I am up to.

Pleasure lastly I am taking on pleasure and to me this word has many meanings. For me it is a way for me to pay attention to my health and wellness by always optimizing for what brings me pleasure, whether it be moving my body in a way that feels good and has me exercise to eating what nourishes me and brings me delight on the most deepest nourishing levels.

I am also taking on this theme to stand for my sensuality and sexuality as a woman. I’ve been in a committed relationship for a while now and a wife for over a year, so playing the field and being flirtatious is not something I do out in the world that often. But just because I am ‘taken’ does not mean I have suddenly stopped being a woman. And so I want to start turning up the dial on bringing my sassy, sexy and sensual side back into existence for myself! So that I remind myself of my glamour, my gorgeousness and sex appeal.

So there you have it, my theme for 2015. If you haven’t already I would love to hear what you are looking to take on this year. What is your theme for 2015 and what do you want to make your guiding principles for 2015?

No matter what you create for this next 11 months, it is up to you on how you manifest your life.
You are the creatrix of your future and you get to say how it goes.

And since you are a sorceress (and professional manifestor) what will you speak into existence for your 2015?

I’d love to hear from you and find out what themes your year will be influenced by.