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The animal inside me is strong, wild and free. My animal is both gentle and fierce.

Having just come back from a weekend workshop, I spent the last 3 days learning about the animal that loves, breathes, eats and roams inside of me.

You see for centuries we have long lived with our basic reptilian brain, the one that is in charge of our flight or flight system, our breathing andhorse ultimately our ability to survive. Fast forward a couple centuries later and we have the addition of the mammalian brain, the one that has emotion and understanding and feels. The most recent addition to the party is our neo-cortex, which is the most human characteristic we have which is the ability to reason, think linearly and be logical.

I have spent most of my life in my head, thinking about life as oppose to really listening to what my core animal has been asking for.
You see, up against the last few centuries, my animal is ancient and wise. She is the first 2 parts of the brain that have been there and alive long before my mind came into the picture.

This weekend I took the time to tune back into her and find out what she has been longing to say for so long. As I started to hear her voice I noticed that there are all sorts of things she has an opinion about that I never even knew or recognized.

Something as simple as ordering off a menu is a perfect example of this. Usually when the menu is in front of me my thought goes to what I immediately want and am craving (this usually shows up as a burger and fries or shepherds pie, etc). Then my mind goes next to what I know I should I eat that is healthy which is usually a salad with meat. Making any one of the above choices almost always leads me to a place of dissatisfaction, where I’ve either compromised on my desires or my health. But over this past weekend, having learned to listen and check in with my animal, I started asking myself, “forget the mind, what does my body want?” “What does She need?”

What I ended up with were items that weren’t even options before, like choosing salmon with rice or the mashed potatoes with a salad. Either way, checking in with her lead me to a new option that would not have been available before.

This may seem obvious, but for me, I don’t usually check in with my animal to see what she wants. Tuning into her and recognizing that my body has her own voice and her own needs is both refreshing and exciting.

How does she want to move? What does she want to do? What and how doe she want to eat? Almost as if I have a prized pony or beautiful daughter that I want to honor, love and take care of. I am now regularly asking for her feedback and opinion. If my body is a temple and a place for the Goddess to live shouldn’t I be checking in to see if her need are being met?

It has been a glorious few days and I am excited to keep this is a regular practice I honor daily. Having been traveling all day I can hear that my young sweet animal is tired and needs some extra rest.

And so in honor of her I will keep this blog post short. I am off to see what warm comfy pj’s she would like to wear and get ready to tuck my animal into bed.

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