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I am a huge advocate of transparency and authenticity and would take raw and real over fake and plastic any day.

I was thinking the other day about how many of us only tend to share or talk about our big struggles, or deepest pains, once we have already gotten past them.

We only share our ‘before’ pictures or status once we have the ‘after’ shots or insights. I have been guilty of this myself by sharing my broken_mirror_by_ilovethatpersonal conundrums and upsets only after I’ve learned the lesson or seen the growth.

Yet what about all the times in between? What about when you are sitting in the fetal position on the floor with tears and snot pouring down your face? When was the last time you saw a status update or tweet where a woman was in the emotional gutter and sharing her status in real time?

I don’t know about you but I hardly see these or even do these myself.

This past winter I had to deal with a personal issue that I was ashamed and embarrassed by.

I started a new face wash routine and it resulted in a level of acne on my face that is worse then I have ever experienced in my life. It paled in comparison to my high school days. The resulting marks, bumps and blemishes were so intense that it was hard to look in the mirror and not hate what I saw.

Not even the most expensive makeup could hide the spots or the shame I had. So I stayed home, declined invitations and dinners hoping for it to go away. I became a hermit in my own house.

I thought about how great this would be to share this with you once it cleared up and saw that doing that would only perpetuate writing and telling stories that were lacquered veneers of our truth. It easy to feel better when we’ve gotten over the hump or swam through the swamp, but how do we make it okay to share our pain, sadness and shame in real time?

This video was inspired by my want to end the cycle of shame I had and that you might as well. Whether it is your thighs, your stretch marks, your weight, your psoriasis or your cellulite. No matter if it is how you walk, how you talk or the way you laugh.

Whatever YOUR thing is, there are parts of ourselves we hide away, feel embarrassed about and only talk about once it is gone.

I want to invite all of our imperfections and parts of ourselves to the table so that they can have a voice and maybe, just maybe learn to be loved.

I have been avoiding sharing this video and this post for fear of it being online and available for the whole world to see. Yet I know it needs to be done, I can feel it deep in my gut, and though I’ve been sitting on this for months now, it is still an issue I am currently struggling with and still an aspect of myself I am learning to fall in love with and make peace with day by day.

Watch this video below and feel free to share what part of yourself you are taking on to fall more in love with. I would love to hear from you.

Today, for me it is my face and my skin, and though I am not 100% there yet, my hope is that we as women can begin to band together to see what we can start learning to love about ourselves in this moment right now. In a world of Photoshop and digital images that can be deleted if we don’t look just right, I want us all to see what the real parts of ourselves look like. I want us to see what all beautifully flawed aspects of WOMAN.

So here I am speaking about something I’ve been trying to hide from people for months, videotaping it, and sending it out for all to see. It is hard for me not to judge it, I don’t sound eloquent and I fumble my words, but F**k it, here goes.

This is me with all my parts that I love and all the parts that I am learning to. Here’s to all of your perfect imperfections!


Check out the video HERE where I remove ALL my makeup and show you what I’ve been embarrassed and terrified to share for months.