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Women by their very nature, and even their biology, are the source of aliveness.

When we walk into a room we inject the space with life. We literally have the capacity to change how people feel and think around just as a function of out expression and our connection to our own happiness.

Given that we have that degree of power, it is almost a responsibility on our part to be sure and create a wellspring of joy and happiness for ourselves to source from.

After all, we can’t give what we don’t have. We can only give from a place of abundance, we can’t give from a place of lack.

The trick is to start getting lit up by ourselves, and to sourceheartwoman our delight from the places and spaces where we feel this way, and in fact actually create more opportunities for it on our everyday experiences.

We can’t rely on other people to be the source of our happiness and delight, not because other people can’t give it to us, but because I feel it should be something that we have and is independent of any person or circumstance being available. That our ability to call forth fun, pleasure & delight is available wherever we are.

For this we have to make it an important daily routine- like brushing your teeth or eating.

Carving time out for YOU, can range from the simple to complex. From letting yourself feel special and drinking water out of a wine glass to booking yourself a full day at the spa. The possibilities and ways to weave this into your life are endless. The best parts are that when you do this, it can get very contagious and spreads to other women around us.

The best way to start incorporating this now is to start purposefully creating and inventing moments to remind yourself you are special and important.

We actually need to retrain our brain to make this a ‘need to have’ and not just a ‘nice to have’.

To assist you in retraining you brain I have included some tips and trick below to help you exercise this muscle newly and start calling forth more fun, pleasure & delight in your day.

  • v 15-30 minutes a day intentionally create some ME time. This can look like quiet teatime, having a bath or even shaving your legs. The point is it’s your time to do what serves YOU.
  • Start shifting our mindset so that things you already do can have a brand new context or frame. One that lights you up and makes you feel delighted. For example would you rather feel obligated to cook dinner for the kids or be the creatrix that whips together an epic meal for her family? Another example could be grabbing your cup of coffee to wake up, or enjoying the warm yummy sweetness that hugs you awake. The point is to reframe what you already do to see it as nourishing time for yourself.
  • Once per week take 1 FULL hour for YOU. Maybe it’s your yoga class, a new dance class, reading in silence, meeting friends for coffee, etc, the point is to recharge and lean back into life.
  • On a daily basis, every 3-5 people you pass find something to notice and recognize about them (hair, smell, energy, clothes anything) and give them a compliment. (You will be shocked to know how fulfilling it feels to be generous with your praise and look for the beauty in others)
  • On a daily basis, compliment yourself! Every morning or every time you are in front of a mirror find one thing you like about yourself (this could be anything from shape of your eyebrows, to sense of humor to the slope of your neck or your career)
  • Lastly, learn to celebrate everything. Finished all the laundry great, have a glass of wine. Didn’t finish all the laundry? Awesome celebrate that as well. Whatever you did or did not do, be sure to make it a victory and see how you can view it as a win.

The point of all these actions is to bring a sense of enjoyment to everything you do.

Celebrating your life is not something you need to deserve. Celebration is an acknowledgement of yourself, for who you are right now.

The purpose of life is to experience JOY. Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to enjoy how good things really are right now. When a woman rises up in her glory, and feels her joy and bliss from the inside out, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility is contagious.

There is no greater life lived then being that kind of women, it ripples out to everything we do. Whether we are a CEO, mother, entrepreneur, healer, or artist. We have the opportunity to cause a shift, but it has to start from the inside.

Be the spark and the start of the ripple in your life and the lives around you.

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