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I have spent a long time working on being an extraordinary woman.

Being a sister to all, embodying the Goddess within, owning my light and divinity and becoming the Queen I was meant to be.

This has been some of the best, and most fulfilling work I’ve ever done on myself, for others and for the world.

But today, I want to talk about men.

I have just finished an evening with some of the most extraordinary men I know. Tonight I got to see first hand that not only can I be a QueenHeroes by owning who I am, but by also creating the men in my life as Kings.

I have the profound honor and privilege of having a life filled with some amazing men. I am part of a group of humans that include 3 men that stand for my greatness and hold me up, when I have little strength and non-existent esteem. I have 2 men who are close friends that I consider part of my tribe that allow me to swim laps in their oceanic hearts even when I’m crumbling and hitting the wall.

I have a father in law that teaches me to waltz and serenades me with Frank Sinatra after family dinners. I have a brother who cares about truth and offers me love, support and encouragement. I have a father who is the reason for my existence and has given me some of the values and traits that I am most proud of, a father that would rather me live a life of personal fulfillment then one of compromise. And I have a fiancée who is a magician and King among men, whose love allows me to blossom into the woman I never knew was possible.

Have you ever noticed how a man wants to love women? How the way in which they pour your wine, take your coat or look at you is laden with love, service and heroic contribution? Romantic or not, I can feel that men enjoy and love women, and that it is a joy for them to make a woman smile.

Tonight as I celebrated a small holiday dinner with my mastermind group I was suddenly aware of how much I love men. I was sitting there at my friends apartment, where my mastermind group would be meeting (my team consists of a total of 4 people, 3 men and me the only women). As I am sitting there, I am suddenly aware that one man is cooking dinner in the kitchen nearby, the other man is beside me grating cheese for the appetizers and the third man across from me, is opening a bottle of wine so that he can pour me a glass. Given that I am used to being the host I quickly jump up trying to offer a hand, and am met with a quick barrage of “no, no, no” and “sit down”. At first I was slightly uncomfortable with feeling useless, and then leaned back and saw these majestic men doing what they could to show me their love.

In addition, I have another male friend who is planning a day at the spa with my fiancée and me this weekend, and another close male friend who considers me a sister and best friend. Did I mention that I have a father-in-law who treats me like a daughter? Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Elvis Presley are only a few of the singers that he uses to say ‘I love you’.

My dad is always making sure my heart is happy and that I am not settling in any area of my life, I have a father that teaches me that being a fully expressed woman is the best way to be. I have a brother who always make my heart of paramount importance and I have a fiancée that is such a stand for my greatness that in his eyes I feel bigger then I ever knew my self to be.

I am blessed beyond measure and rarely see the depth and beauty that reside in the heart of a man. The way they love is unparalleled and the most nourishing thing I know.

Never before have I been as present to the men in my life being such epic soldiers for love, integrity, possibility and honor, as I am today.

As much as I do the work to Queen my way through the world, that happens not only by making every other woman around me a Queen, but by also recognizing the King that live deep inside all men.

There is nothing that can match the love of a good man, and so I would like to dedicate this blog to the men in my life who love fiercely and without apology.

For being men that can hold my love and my rage I love you deeply, your love for me makes me a better woman.

To the men I know and love, and to all the other amazing men that exist out there, I bow to you in deep gratitude, I worship the difference you make in my life and the lives of any other women you love.

For the King that lives deep inside all men, I am forever at your feet in adoration.

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