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The holidays bring a time of sharing, connecting, gift giving and catching up with old friends. Every year, I usually enjoy celebrating the holidays with presents and great get-togethers surrounded by people I love.

Each time this part of the year rolls around I also use it as a perfect reason to also make sure to include myself in the love and generosity of the season and be sure to treat myself to a gift, or experience that delights me.Colorful-Gifts2

But this year I am doing something different, and kicking it up a notch. This year I have dedicated the entire month of December to giving my Self the gift of really listening to my body and giving her the time, attention and devotion she deserves.

Whether it be a nice soak in the tub, a great manicure, fancy cream to slather my body with or movement through dance/gym or a yummy salad or piece of cake, I am using my body as the compass this month to move me in the directions that bring me the most pleasure physically. Usually I am very good at feeding my mind and filling my heart but my body usually gets short changed and regarded as ‘not as important’.

I have been sick the last few weeks and though my energy has been down, I have been consciously making sure to take care of my health better then I usually do. Normally I will be ill, and though I take it easy, I try to power through and get the laundry done, or make dinner or even try and tidy up. This usually leads to me be staying sick longer then is normal and what should be a few days lasts weeks in regards to being ill.

This time, I noticed myself starting to do the dishes or grab the laundry basket and stopped myself. I put down the rag or clothes and consciously chose to say ‘NO’ and tell my body to lie down, relax and recharge. It is funny as a women how easy it is to feel guilty when doing ‘nothing.’

I realized that I am sick and so the responsible thing to do is rest. But I also saw that I was only really okay with doing ‘nothing’ because I was sick. Being sick is the only time my body is allowed to take it easy. It is the only time I EVER let her really lean back or lie down. Had I been healthy, I never really give myself permission to do absolutely NOTHING!

So upon noticing that, I can see how much I have shortchanged my body, always pushing her and needing an excuse like fatigue or being ill as the only times she is allowed to relax. I didn’t like knowing how neglectful I have been and so this holiday season is now all about her! This Christmas I am giving her the gifts that I have failed to give her for years.

Last night was a perfect example…

The dishes were in the sink, laundry had to be finished, and there is still shopping to get done. And instead of doing any of that, I put on a movie while my fiancée made dinner. I then could feel that though my body was tired from being sick, it was looking for attention and some T.L.C. So after our meal I asked my future husband if he would help me take care of my body. I asked if he would use his body to make mine feel special. He happily obliged. We got the music playing, a few candles lit and started what turned out to be 2 full hot and heavy hours of some of the best love-making we have ever had in the history of our relationship. There is not a single spot in our condo that we did not make love, there is not a single part of my body (or his) that was not explored, adored or included.

We ended the night with a hot shower together and then slow dancing naked to some of our favorite songs.

Usually it takes me a few hours to fall asleep due to my incessant coughing, and no surprise last night I drifted seamlessly off to dreamland and had some of the most magnificent dreams.

I gave myself room to sleep in today and am going to continue the rest of this month using my body as my ultimate guide and guru. She is smart and clear and she knows what she wants.

This Holiday season, she is going to finally feel heard and she is going to get everything she has ever yearned for.

She has taken me everywhere I have ever wanted to go, and has been a crucial part of every success and victory of my life. I have never properly acknowledged her and she deserves it all. I can’t wait to see what new amazing experiences come up this month, she and I are going to have the time of our life.



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