reignite your


from the inside out.

from the inside out.

“Working with Sacha and then experiencing her retreat opened up an access point to my soul. For years, I’d pushed myself and second-guessed my choices. Sacha taught me how to listen and trust myself again.”
- S. B., Toronto, CA

“Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

Marianne Williamson

PSST. I see that fire inside you.

(even if you think it burned out back in your 20s)

Careers, children, marriages, divorces, friendships, aging parents…it’s easy to lose yourself in the life game. The passion and excitement you felt years ago may seem like a distant memory, an old self, another life.

“When I first met sacha, I was wearing a smiling face on the ouside and withering inside by the day. i didn’t know how to find enthusiasm…that ”juice” for life and novelty. She guided me to find my own answers and evolve into the

most alive

I’ve Ever Been.”


combine with your life wisdom.
with your internal fire.

Sure, you may not be 20-something, but the excitement of possibility can flourish within you again. This time, you’re wiser and can wield your power in a way you never could before.

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Through her best-selling restreats (Ignite Costa Rica, another name here), personal coaching practice and her podcast, Sacha inspires a practical, grounded approach to help women reclaim a sense of vitality and personal power at any age.

She demonstrates that by moving away from the ingrained habits and mindsets of getting older, raising a family, switching careers and life roles, a woman can bypass self-doubt, loneliness and overwhelm to instead find new connections, fresh ideas and revived romance throughout her life.


this is about those you love, too.

It can be easy to rationalize sacrificing your time, goals and requests to make sure your family is taken care of, your partner is supported, your company feels your commitment, your house is in order, etc.

Yet overcoming the challenge of investing attention into your own growth, relationships and dreams reults in a win-win for everyone.